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2018/07/20:【Important Notice】

The other day, "ZAIF wallet delivery end of smartphone application" was announced from ZAIF company. If you have an application called "ZAIF" on your Smartphone or Tablet-terminal, and you have CryptoCurrency in it, re-install the application and change it by the following method. If done correctly, the CryptoCurrency existing in the wallet will be succeeded correctly.

[Installation method]
① Launch AppStore (apple), GooglePlay (Android) and enter [IndieSquareWallet] to search the application.
② Install the IndieSquare application.
③ Please activate IndieSquare Wallet.
④ Since the button "Create a new wallet" and "Already have a Recovery Phrase?" will appear, please select "Already have...."
⑤ Enter Ricovery Phrase(12words) instructed to record when ZAIF wallet is installed, and take over CryptoCurrency in ZAIF wallet.

Please see here!

[Display method of 12 words]
Until the service is terminated, if there is a recruit number initially decided, it can be displayed in "zaif application".
You select TOP -> Menu -> Settings -> Restore Passphrase -> Password entry, the restore passphrase (12 words) will be displayed, so please take notes and keep it.

ZAIF will stop supporting it on October 15, 2018. Even if the deadline date has passed, if the new wallet has not taken over, it is possible that your CryptoCurrency and other assets can not be moved. In that case we can not do any guarantee, so please understand.

thank you.


①AppStore(apple)、GooglePlay(Android)を起動して[ IndieSquareWallet ]と入力してアプリ検索します。
②見つかった IndieSquareアプリをインストールして下さい。
③ IndieSquareWalletを起動して下さい。

TOP→Menu→設定→復元パスフレーズ→[表示する]→暗証番号入力 と選択していくと、復元パスフレーズ(12ワード)が表示されますので、メモを取って保管して下さい。


2018/02/02:RRAM sales limited 1,000 coins campaign implementation!
RRAM special sales planning!

If you apply for RRAM coins now, only 1,000 pieces will be included, depending on the quantity, extra stock or encryption currency will be attached.
1 coin → 5,000 yen for 45,000 yen
10 coins → 60,000 yen for 450,000 yen
100 coins → 750,000 yen for 4.5 million yen
I will add a bonus.
You can choose from the following stocks as an extra.
● 4DS stock shares
● Encryption currency COMSA (ETH version)
● Cryptographic currency XCP (counterparty)
If you wish, please contact us from inquiries.
It will end as soon as it is lost for quantity limitation.

RRAM 販売 限定1,000コインキャンペーン実施!
1コイン → 45,000円で5,000円分
10コイン → 45万円で6万円分
100コイン → 450万円で75万円分
●暗号通貨 COMSA(ETH版)
●暗号通貨 XCP(カウンターパーティー)
2017/12/08:The ICO has ended.

Since R-RAM sold out the planned quantity, we will stop the ICO. And the scheduled ICO also ended in the future.
2017/11/24:About dividend and value of RRAM


2017/11/02:The third ICO of the R-RAM coin has been started.
What is R-RAM coin?
R - RAM coin is a dividend oriented cryptographic currency.

● What are the merits of R-RAM coins?
- ICO price is $ 300 a coin.
- You can receive a dividend of 2% or more of the principal each month automatically. (1 coin $ 6 as a result of the end of October 2017)
* In other words, the principal money returns in a maximum of 4.2 years.
- Dividends are automatically sent to Wallet with bit coin.
- R-RAM coins are already sold at coin market.
- Each coin has rights of 1000 shares of 4DS company.
* 4 DS is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
* When the stock price of 4DS becomes $ 20, the value of 1 coin will be worth more than $ 20,000 and will be available for sale at the coin market.
- Coin publisher TATSUOINTERNATIONAL owns 4DS stock in large quantity. Therefore, as the stock price of 4DS rises, 40% of the gain on sale will be redistributed to coin users.
- Each coin has rights of 0.1 share of BPM stock.
- As the project progresses according to PBM's business plan, you can expect a cash dividend of $ 8,000 per coin per year in a few years.
I own the R-RAM coin and can wait for the rise of great value while receiving dividends.
● What is the risk of R-RAM coins?
- Issuer TATSUOINTERNATIONAL to lock it.

* Although the form of ICO is analog type, please understand that it is a policy to go to the dividend without costing the system.






2017/11/01:4DS stock suspended trading at good news
4DS Memory Ltd (ASX:4DS) is a semiconductor development company of non-volatile memory technology.
The company has entered an agreement with imec to develop a transferrable production-compatible process flow for its Interface Switching ReRAM technology and to demonstrate this process on imec’s megabit test chip.
imec is a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies.In other news, 4DS Memory has been granted a trading halt by the ASX this morning pending details of a capital raising.
The halt will remain in place until the opening of trade on Friday 3rd November 2017, or earlier if an announcement is made to the market.
imec from here

4DS Memory Ltd(ASX:4DS)は、不揮発性メモリ技術の半導体開発会社です。
imecは ここから

※ Click on the image above to go to the site
2017/10/30:Analyst news on 4DS memory technology
The stock analyst is talking about 4DS in the recording, where he says 4DS memory will help double battery life in cell phones. Here's what the TMT Analytics Analyst says in the recording.
Marc Kennis unpacks the data on 4DS memory looking to improve the power of our phone and laptops by 1,000 times and more reliable at the same time. This global industry is US$100bn each year with the current technologies reaching limitations Marc looks at how to position investments to benefit from inevitable changes and uplift upon commercialisation.

This is an Analyst discussing 4DS. Apparently there are big investors buying the stock based on this report.

Marc Kennis氏は、携帯電話やラップトップの性能を1,000倍向上させ、同時に信頼性の高い4DSメモリのデータを開発しています。 この世界的な産業は毎年1000億ドルであり、現在の技術は限界に近づいています。Marcは、不可避的な変化と商業化時の隆起から恩恵を受ける投資のポジショニング方法を検討しています。

これは4DSを議論するアナリストです。 このレポートに基づいて株式を買い取っている大手投資家がいるようです。

※ Click on the above image, to the audio news site
2017/10/29:The value of the R-RAM coin is greatly influenced by the stock price of 4DS.
R-RAM 1 coin has 1000 shares of 4 DS stock right. In other words, as the stock price of 4DS goes up, the value of R - RAM will rise. For example, the current ICO price of 4DS is $ 300, but when the stock price becomes $ 20, the value of one R-RAM will be $ 20000. It affects the price of R-RAM exchanges.
TATSUO INTERNATIOMNAL also owns a large amount of 4DS shares. 40% of that profit will be returned to R - RAM coin users.


またTATSUO INTERNATIOMNAL社は、大量の4DS株式を所有しています。その利益の40%はR-RAMコインユーザーへ還元されます。

2017/10/28:4DS stock price rise
Both the stock price and transaction volume of 4DS under investment in the business investment department changed.


2017/10/27:4DS Stock Price Forecast (Hope)
The 4DS stock price forecast is
October 30, 2017 forecast 5.5 cents
November 6 forecast 8 cents
November 13 forecast 10 cents
20th November Forecast 20 cents
December 9 forecast 30 cents
From 50 cents to 1 dollar at a stretch

4DS 株価予測(希望)
4DS 株価予測は
2017年10月30日 予測 5.5セント
11月6日 予測 8セント
11月13日 予測 10セント
11月20日 予測 20セント
12月9日 予測 30セント

2017/10/25:The price is $ 300 and it is easy to invest
The R-RAM coin was divided into 10 on October 20, and the unit price of 1 coin was reduced to $ 300. This makes it easier for new investors to invest. Also increase the liquidity of the coin.
2017/10/22:Bit coin @ 6000 dollars (700,000 yen)
Bit coins exceeded $ 6,000. We also watched the $ 9,000 (1 million yen) in the month. R - RAM is the only currency in the world where dividends can be received with bit coins. In order to make it easier for users to buy, we carried out 10 divisions ahead of schedule. Dividends can be earned at the same rate. R - RAM is the world 's only cryptographic currency in which bit coins are distributed. The initial awarded bit coin has already doubled. It is only 1 coin $ 3,000 (35,000 yen). It will rise greatly in the future.
ビットコイン @6000ドル突破(70万円)
ビットコインが、@6000ドル突破しました。月内には9000ドル(100万円)も視野に入った。R-RAMは配当がビットコインでもらえる世界で唯一の通貨です。ユーザーの方が買い易くするために10分割を前倒しで実施しました。配当は同じレートでもらえます。R-RAMは世界で唯一ビットコインが配当される暗号通貨です。初期の配当されたビットコインは既に2倍になってます。僅か 1コイン$3,000(35000円)です。将来 大きく値上がりします。
2017/10/21:About special dividend
4DS company investing in the business investment department seems to have fluctuations in stock price in December. If the stock price rises greatly, we plan to pay a special dividend plus 2% of the regular dividend. Please look forward to it.
2017/10/20:We divided R-RAM coins into 10 parts.
The R - RAM coin was divided into 10 divisions with October 20, 2017 as the base date. Since the coin holder has already been divided, please confirm your own wallet.
2017/10/17:4DS company shareholder list
We will publish the list of shareholders of 4DS company investing in business investment department.
2017/10/04:Investment in new energy business
R - RAM coins are scheduled to invest in new energy business as part of variable investment. As a result, it is expected that the distribution to R - RAM coin users will be improved.
2017/10/02:Ahead of splitting
The R-RAM coin will be divided into ten divisions with the October 20, 2017 base date as the base date, after reviewing the original planned 100 April plan for April 2018. After that time, we are planning to divide it by 10 more. By changing to early division, we can offer liquidity improvement to users.
2017/09/20:RRAM sponsored
RRAM sponsored Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention.
RRAMが、Singapore Toy Game and Comic Conventionに協賛しました。

2017/09/17:From the cryptographic currency investment business "In the RRAM coin, we are investing in Edgeless (EDG)"
EDG is trying to introduce an on-line casino that provides 100% transparency to players using the power of the Etherhereum smart contract. It is adopted in the online gambling industry and there is a possibility that the market of US $ 45 billion may be monopolized.
Milestones such as acquiring global sites and casino licenses will soon be completed and will be on the market.
It is one of the few coins that gives holders (40% of casino gains).
At coinmarketcap.com 85th ranked to 50th place. We expect to enter the 20th place within the year and price will approach $ 5 from the current 1.6 dollar. It will be 100 times from the initial investment.
Dividends of RRAM coins are made according to the profit increase of such excellent coins. We will also profit from the correlation with bit coins.
EDG is a few coins with dividends to holders, but RRAM coins are also the few coins to pay dividends.

暗号通貨投資事業より "RRAMコインでは、Edgeless(EDG)へ投資しています"
2017/09/16:From the business investment department "Recent report of PBM"
On September 18, 2017, we will deliver the new sample to Nichicon.

事業投資部門より "PBMの近況報告"
2017/09/07:The ICO has been started.
Let's join us
2017/08/31:Dividend for August 2017
To 1259 coins, dividends paid 0.00941177bitcoin ($ 42.35)
2017/08/31:Dividend forecast for September 2017
The dividend for September 2017 is scheduled for about $ 60.


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