How to Install INDIE SQUARE WALLET : CounterPartyWallet

Since RRAM Coin is distributed using the function of CounterParty, purchasers need to possess a wallet with that function.

For CounterPartyWallet, we recommend CounterWallet ( for PC, IndieSquareWallet for mobile terminal, which must be installed before ICO runs. (If it is not installed, you can not apply for ICO.)


1.Downloading and installing applications

【For ios】
Open “AppStore” and enter "IndieSquare" in the search window. Please press the "GET" button to install the application.

【For Android】
Open “Google Play” and enter "IndieSquare" in the search window. Please press the "INSTALL" button to install the application.

2.Application settings

①Start the application.
When the following screen appears, please press the "Create a New Wallet" button. New registration begins.

②When the initial setting is completed, the following screen appears and you can see that a new account has been created.
Please press the "NEXT" button to make the setting.

③After setup, the “Restore Passphrase” will be displayed.

The "Restore Passphrase" is a data character string necessary to inherit Wallet at the time of model change etc.
Write down the letters displayed on the screen on paper etc and keep it in a safe place.
A) Without this data, BITCOIN data can not be restored when re-installing Wallet, forgetting passcode, etc.
B) If you show the restored passphrase to others, you will be hijacked by Wallet and the worst all assets will be stolen. Please keep it in a safe place.

Check "I wrote it down" and press the "CONTINUE" button.

④Set the passcode (PIN code).

Press the "SET PASSCODE" button to set the PIN code and re-enter to determine the PIN code.

⑤Wallet installation is now complete. Please press the "LET 'S GET STARTED!" Button.

3.Dealings with Wallet

Wallet's initial screen

To confirm the BTC address, press the "Receive" button on the screen.
A) If you click on the QR code, the address string will be copied to the clipboard so you can notify it to the destination by e-mail etc.
B) You can also receive tokens other than BTC and XCP that have already been registered with the same address.

4.To join RRAM ICO

Wallet's initial screen

For purchase applications, you need to include the address of CounterPartyWallet. Also, since issued token will be received by CounterPartyWallet, please transfer BTC to CounterPartyWallet created beforehand.

Application for RRAM ICO

Please click on the button on the right, enter the details of the application and submit it.


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