How to Install Counterwallet : Online WEB wallets

Since RRAM Coin is distributed using the function of CounterParty, purchasers need to possess a wallet with that function.

For CounterPartyWallet, we recommend CounterWallet ( for PC, IndieSquareWallet for mobile terminal, which must be installed before ICO runs. (If it is not installed, you can not apply for ICO.)

1.Create a wallet with COUNTERPARTY

Go to and click "".

2.Acquire Passphrase

A 12-word passphrase will be displayed, so be sure to save it in a safe place.


For convenient login, you can set the URL and password for quick access. This allows you to bookmark the URL and login with the set password. (option)

4.Create a wallet

Your new counter wallet is ready to use.

5.Counter wallet screen

① Your bit coin balance · Dropdown transmission control
② Your wallet address
③ Your XCP balance
④ Action of address of token creation · payment of dividends etc.

6.To join RRAM ICO

For purchase applications, you need to include the address of CounterPartyWallet. Also, since issued token will be received by CounterPartyWallet, please transfer BTC to CounterPartyWallet created beforehand.

Application for RRAM ICO

Please click on the button on the right, enter the details of the application and submit it.。


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