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What is RRAM?

RRAM coins are an encryption currency issued by Singapore-based Tatsuo International Pte. Ltd. They can be used for seamless business from developing new technology to manufacturing and marketing, as well as encryption currency investment, which is attracting attention these days, or even social contribution such as donations to hospitals.

RRAM coins are a new encryption currency that generates high profits and high dividends for investors at a low risk.
By purchasing and holding coins, RRAM owners (coin users) invest in Tatsuo International’s business, and bitcoin dividends are provided as investment gains from business investment profits and fund (encryption currency investment) profits. RRAM coins are already being traded on Counterparty, and actual coins can be traded on the market.
A total of 10,000 RRAM coins will be issued. The first ICO (initial coin offering) will begin on September 7, 2017.
These RRAM coins will give a number of potential privileges to investors (RRAM owners).

The Roadmap

  • Name of coin: RRAM Coin
  • Issued by: Tatsuo International Pte. Ltd.
  • Total coins to be issued: 10,000 -> 100,000 coins
  • Initial private offering: 1,000 -> 10,000 coins
  • Internal holdings: 5,500 -> 55,000 coins
  • ICO offering: 3,500 -> 35,000 coins Provisional

ICO expected price and offering date

  • Issue 1 500 coins

    1RRAM = $3,000
    Issue 1: Scheduled for September 7 (Thursday), 2017 00:00 (UTC)
    *Because ICO settlement is done with Bitcoin, the ICO price is scheduled to be updated by linking it to the Bitcoin price at 00:00 (UTC) everyday

  • Issue 2 500 coins

    Issue 2: scheduled for October 5 (Thursday), 2017 00:00 (UTC)
    Change in the ICO price (from Issue 2)
    The ICO price from Issue 2 onward will be taken as either US$3,000 or 40,000 times the 4DS stock price converted by Tatsuo International into dollars, whichever is greater.

  • 10 division

    For existing issuing coins, we divided the issuance of RRAM by 10 times.

  • Issue 3 5,000 coins

    Issue 3: Scheduled for November 2 (Thursday), 2017 00:00 (UTC)
    Changes in ICO price (after the third period)
    1 RRAM = US $ 300, or 1 RRAM = 4 DS stock price 4 thousand times (US dollar basis) The higher of whichever is higher is adopted.

  • Issue 4 5,000 coins

    Issue 4: Scheduled for December 7 (Thursday), 2017 00:00 (UTC)

  • Issue 5 5,000 coins

    Issue 5: Scheduled for January 4 (Thursday), 2018 00:00 (UTC)

  • Issue 6 5,000 coins

    Issue 6: Scheduled for February 1 (Thursday), 2018 00:00 (UTC)

  • Issue 7 5,000 coins

    Issue 7: Scheduled for March 1 (Thursday), 2018 00:00 (UTC)

*A further 10 division schedule will be aimed at one month after the final ICO is completed (The dividend will eventually be one hundredth.)

How it works

In the RRAM Coin Project, Tatsuo International will issue tokens (coins) called RRAM and gather funds through their pre-sale and ICO (initial coin offering), and invest the funds in two investment divisions independently operated by Tatsuo International in order to generate investment income.

If a Tatsuo International business investment is taken over by M&A in future, Tatsuo International will liquidate and distribute dividends equivalent to the stock equity that has been assigned to RRAM Coins.
After such liquidation and allocation, all dividend rights and other rights pertaining to the acquired company shall be removed from the RRAM Coins.

Business Plan


  • PBM Co., Ltd.
  • 4DS Memory Limited
  • Encryption currencies
  • DDW (deuterium depleted water) and social contribution
A subsidiary of Eamex Corporation.
Conducts mass production and sales of power batteries based on its exclusive manufacturing and sales rights.

What is power battery (innovative "capacitor battery")
(Conductive Polymer Battery: Next Generation Electricity Storage Device of Post LiBattery)
Revolutionary batteries fundamentally change electrode materials (positive electrode: conductive polymer negative electrode: carbon type) to achieve high performance and low cost Lifespan that is the most problematic in business development using lithium ion batteries And solve the manufacturing cost problem

Innovative element
High output:7,000 W / kg, more than 10 times that of Li-ion battery, high output above EDLC capacitor
Fast charging:The charging is completed in 3 to 10 minutes. Enhanced energy recovery efficiency
Long service life:No deterioration even with 10,000 charge / discharge cycles, life expectancy for about 20 years
Low cost:Conductive polymer positive electrode costs 1/10 of existing positive electrode
High safety:without using rare metal, it is thermally stable and there is little danger of ignition
Energy density:80 Wh / kg (cell), three times the performance of lead battery

  Capacitor battery A company's battery Li ion battery
Voltage (V) 4 2.4 4
Capacity (Ah) 21 27 38
Energy density (Wh / kg) 70 65 70
Charging time (minutes) 3 6 30
Power density (W / kg) 8,000 700 2,000
Cycle life (times / years) 10,000,20years 3,000,8years 2,000,5years
Weight (g) 1,000 1,000 1,000
Cost Comparison (Material·Process) 0.6 1.1 1

Company name: Eamex Corporation
→Eamex Corporatio website
Its technology is based on a Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry NEDO Project (five-year R&D project on polymer actuators). After the project was finished, six of its national university professors and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology researchers along with Sewa, Onishi and others established Eamex Corporation.
It has continued its R&D to the present day, and has exclusive patent rights (110 cases pending).
4DS Memory Limited (ASX: 4DS) located in Silicon Valley is a developer of Interface Switching ReRAM for next generation gigabyte storage.
Established in 2007, 4DS owns a patented IP portfolio for developing ReRAM comprising 5 pending patents and 18 approved American patents.
4DS has a joint development agreement with Western Digital subsidiary HGST, a global leader in storage.
For more details, visit www.4dsmemory.com.
Invest in encryption currencies expected to give high dividends.
Wait for dividends from encryption currencies invested in, rather than estimate the rise in value.
Encryption currencies:
Aeternity: Main blockchain after Bitcoin
Edgeless: Online casino software program
First Blood: Online sports program
Numeraire: Investment program using artificial intelligence **
DDW (deuterium depleted water) is water that has a lower concentration of deuterium.
The daily intake of DDW and the lowering of the concentration of deuterium in the body result in increased immunity, which improves medical conditions.
DDW totaling $800,000 will be distributed free of charge, with DDW serving as an antenna for social contribution.


    ●Potential privileges of Business Investment Division

    - Rights to 10,000 -> 1,000 shares of 4DS for each RRAM Coin
    - Rights to 1 -> 0.1 share of PBM for each RRAM Coin

    *Distribution of shareholder dividends for rights as direct investments in the Business Investment Division
    Example: If PBM grows in accordance with the business plan described below, coin users can expect an annual dividend of USD 80,000 per coin as a shareholder dividend.

    ●Encryption currency Investment Fund Division

    For each RRAM Coin:
    Encryption currency investment fund investment profits totaled at the end of each month, and 40% of these profits are provided as a BTC dividend to coin users at the end of the following month.
    For a total of seven ICOs during the project period, 2% of the next ICO price per RRAM will be provided as a dividend for each RRAM Coin.
    In addition, the dividend for the final Issue 7 will be 2% of the final price.
    The dividend date will be the end of the month following the month of the ICO.
    Even after completion of the ICO an effort will be made to provide a dividend based on a target of 2%.

    Note that if there are no investment profits in a given month, a dividend may not be paid.
    Dividend track record up until now
    Results for May 2017: 10% of coin user investment amount
    Results for June 2017: 5% of coin user investment amount


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